Are Teens Complainers or Are HPV Vaccines Worse?

Up until now— with some exceptions, the majority of those vaccinated are either infants or the elderly. Infants of course cannot verbalize their anguish and pain. They scream—relentlessly. And they are drugged—relentlessly. And the same is done to the elderly, their adverse effects passed off as “age related” diseases.

by Leslie Carol Botha
first published as Gardasil for Infants & Report of Gardasil-CIN3 on National Cervical Cancer Coalition Site

One of the things, I have said for years about the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix is that the pharmaceutical companies and the government made a big mistake in this age of social media in marketing a vaccine to a demographic of teen girls with intelligent voices … at least those who can still talk.

Girls, and now boys who can voice the damage to their bodies, minds—and most of all spirits. And I will say this until I am blue in the face … nonenoneNONE of these girls and their parents were anti-vaccine. They played by the rules—believed their doctors, pharmaceutical marketing campaigns that promised ‘one less girl to get cervical cancer’. They believed their government—and they believed in the greater good.

Up until now— with some exceptions, the majority of those vaccinated are either infants—or the elderly. Infants of course cannot verbalize their anguish and pain. They scream—relentlessly. And they are drugged—relentlessly. Vaccine injuries in the elderly; strokes, seizures, dementia, Alzheimer’s is written off as ‘age-related’ diseases—and our beloved parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents are drugged—relentlessly.

How many infants would be able to verbalize and define these injuries—collected from HPV vaccine data from VAERS—and from the girls who experienced these ‘new medical conditions’ post-vaccination?

HPV Vax Adverse Effects

So let’s see, giving infants a vaccine for HPV—when the FDA specifically points out that if a girl is pre-exposed to HPV and gets Gardasil—the vaccine loses 44.6% efficacy—or her chances of cervical cancer increase by 44.6% makes sense to whom? (VRBPAC Background Document- Gardasil™ HPV Quadrivalent Vaccine May 18, 2006 VRBPAC Meeting Page 13 – Table 17).

There are many peer-reviewed studies that point out that HPV is not just a sexually transmitted disease—and that the virus can be passed in-utero. And there is no HPV pre-testing being conducted anywhere and at any age. In fact, I have spoken with many mother’s who were exposed to HPV—and had their daughter’s vaccinated to protect them and now their child is adversely injured from the vaccine. That leads to the question of how does the vaccine react when a woman/girl is previously exposed to HPV? Has that study been done?

And then of course, there is the whole virus replacement theory—which now has become a recently published study—and no longer a theory. Gardasil and Cervarix protect against only two malignant strains of HPV. This study now shows that it is possible that when HPV 16 & 18 are eradicated that other malignant strains may take their place.

Proof is in the pudding—and in this case the rise of abnormal pap smears, cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer in a demographic of girls who a historically low incident rate.

Need more proof and less pudding? Then how about the anecdotal story of a 27 year old woman—without children—who posted in April of this year on the National Cervical Cancer Coalition site asking for alternative treatments for CIN 3. She writes:

Hello all! I have decided to start a discussion to hopefully find some women going through the same thing I am, so I can get some more info on escharotic treatment and if anyone has had success with it. I’d really like to hear some results and if they’ve had significant regression and that the dysplasia stayed away for a long time as well as the HPV. Also diet and supplement suggestions are very much appreciated! :) It was scary to hear things like cancer and hysterectomy as a 27 year old without children. It is unfortunate that the medical world wouldn’t recommend things like diet change and other natural alternatives to cutting out sections of the cervix, especially when cutting out the cervical dysplasia only takes care of the symptoms of HPV, rather then helping your depressed immune system to fight off the virus.

A little over a week ago I got the dreaded phone call from my doctor saying that this second leep didn’t get all of the cin3 cervical dysplasia. I was devastated. I have always wanted to be a mother more than anything in the world. When hearing that there is nothing more they can do because another leep isn’t an option considering I haven’t had children, and they would just wait and watch it. So many things were going through my head! Should I go ahead and get my cervix removed before it turned to cancer and spread to my uterus and then I’d need a hysterectomy? Maybe I should just have my eggs frozen and have the cervix taken out so I don’t have to worry about it spreading and being on hormone replacements etc.

After many hours of crying and self pity I decided to try and Google alternative treatments since all my doctors want to do is sit and wait for it to turn to cancer, bc they said it has a 15% chance of getting better. So those aren’t good odds if you ask me. I found a girl on this website that had gone through the same thing as me and had success with natural treatments for her CIN3 dysplasia which gave me hope.

The traumatized woman then proceeds to outline a synopsis of her diagnosis and treatment. Ready?

January 2011: started the series HPV Gardasil shot. I was positive for HPV since 2006 but had no symptoms, and wasn’t sure of which strand I had. The recommended I still get it to protect against other strands. (Guess these docs did not read the VRBPAC report – nor the study on replacement viruses. Or maybe the pharma reps forgot to tell them.)

January 2012: routine pap (which I’ve gotten since age 15 when I started oral birth control for bad periods) came back abnormal for the first time in my life.

February 2012: colposcopy and 4 biopsies taken came back cin1 and 2. Was referee to oncologist bc I wanted to watch it rather then do leep at that time because I haven’t had children

July 2012: colposcopy and biopsies showed that dysplasia progressed to cin 2 and 3

August 2012: leep performed by oncologist. Results came back cin3 and carcinoma, margins were not clear.

Oct 2012: went to new oncologist for check up., had colposcopy and biopsies, came back clear (but weren’t, they biopsied wrong spots apparently :(

February 2013: check up colposcopy and biopsies, results cin3. (apparently they didn’t get everything in first leep)

March 2013: second leep preformed, results cin3 margins were not clear, they were cin3 as well. The section that was cut out was right at the center of my cervix going into my endocervix and I was told they can not cut up in there bc they would be cutting blind since they can’t see it. I have been told to wait and watch since I haven’t had children, and to have biopsies every 6 months.

The article is posted as ‘Alternative Cin3 cervical dysplasia treatments’. You will have to register with the National Cervical Cancer Coalition to be able to read the article. I hope the NCCC reads their own posts. Thanks to a reader of my blog for sharing this link with me.

Using infants as medical experiments is unlawful and unethical. Since when did ‘slick marketing campaigns’ dictate evidence-based health practices? Our teenage daughters were duped—are we now going to stand by and let our infants be vaccinated with this dangerous and deadly vaccine?

I won’t. Our sisters in Japan will not—and I am hoping and praying that the Japanese government will hold fast in their decision to revoke their recommendation for the HPV vaccines in their country.