Vitamin E Is a Potentially Dangerous Vaccine Adjuvant

We’re led to believe that there are only two kinds of vaccine adjuvants, aluminum and squalene. That, though, isn’t true. However, newer adjuvants are being hidden, either in plain sight as excipients, or completely, as ingredients that come along with another adjuvant. It may be hard to believe, but Vitamin E is one of them.

by Heidi Stevenson
with appreciation to Jyrki Kuoppala, who led me to the alpha-tocopherol connection

You know that old line, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.” We all understand that to be true. A corollary of that axiom is that, if it’s called something else, then something is being hidden. Vaccine adjuvants are a clear example of why that’s true. Adjuvants are often included in vaccines, but called something else. The definitive example is alpha-tocopherol, the form of vitamin E that’s utilized by the human body.

Adjuvants are, by definition, toxic. That’s why they’re used. The immune system sees a threat and acts on it. The only vaccines that don’t have adjuvants are ones that use live viruses, which carry their own risks, not to mention being particularly difficult and expensive to manufacture. Most new vaccines utilize recombinant DNA to simulate bits of the surface of disease organisms, but these are weak antigens .They simply don’t cause enough of an immune response to create antibodies, which are the goal of vaccines. The problem is that adjuvants are also risky, possibly even more so than the antigens.

Squalene is used as an adjuvant. It’s a natural substance found in the body, most commonly noted in the joints, but also involved in many other functions. You can eat squalene without harm, just as you can take vitamin E without harm. But vaccines aren’t eaten. They’re injected or given in some other manner that bypasses the normal route into the body. That’s the significant issue. When injected or entering the body in an abnormal manner, substances that are naturally found in the body become toxic.

That may sound counter-intuitive, but it also sounds counter-intuitive that squalene could cause serious harm. Yet, that’s precisely what has been proven to be the case in GSK’s Pandemrix vaccine with the AS03 adjuvant. The active ingredient in that adjuvant is, officially, squalene. (Hang on for just a bit, and you see that squalene is not the only adjuvant in AS03!)

It’s never been a secret that squalene is dangerous. When it was first tried as a vaccine adjuvant back in the 1930s, it was quickly rejected as being too dangerous. It did, though, find another use—to inject into laboratory animals for its ability to create autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, for study in treating those diseases. It’s still used for that purpose today.

Experience demonstrates that injecting a vaccine with anything that’s similar to a natural substance in the body can trigger the immune system, often to a dangerous degree. Whatever triggered it, or anything that arrived with the adjuvant, may be targeted as a foreign body so that antibodies are created. The antibodies can then trigger an immune response against that substance—even when it’s a natural part of the body. That’s the definition of an autoimmune disorder: abnormal immune system function so that the body’s own tissues are attacked.

Vitamin E in Vaccines

Alpha-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate and alpha-tocopheryl acetate are forms of vitamin E. It’s listed as an ingredient in two vaccines:

Even more telling, manufacturers completely avoid listing alpha-tocopherol in some vaccinations. They do this by listing a brand-name adjuvant that contains it, and allowing us to believe that the alpha-tocopherol has nothing to do with the adjuvant effect. That, though, is not the case, as documented in Adjuvant System AS03 containing a-tocopherol modulates innate immune response and leads to improved adaptive immunity. This study states:

The presence of a-tocopherol in AS03 was required for AS03 to achieve the highest antibody response. The presence of a-tocopherol also modulated the expression of some cytokines, including CCL2, CCL3, IL-6, CSF3 and CXCL1; increased the antigen loading in monocytes; and increased the recruitment of granulocytes in the dLNs.1

That’s a definitive statement that alpha-tocopherol increases antibody response, which is the purpose of an adjuvant. Thus, AS03 contains not one, but two adjuvants: squalene, which is already known to be highly dangerous, and vitamin E. This particular adjuvant has been named as the cause of narcolepsy resulting from the Pandemrix vaccine. As we can see, the problem may not be associated only with squalene, but also with the use of vitamin E.

Clearly, vitamin E, in whatever form, acts as an adjuvant. Whether the manufacturer lists it as an adjuvant is irrelevant. What it does is act as an adjuvant. Calling it something else doesn’t change what it does. There can be no doubt that the vaccine manufacturers know what they’re doing when they include vitamin E in vaccines. Now you know that any vaccine that lists AS03 as an ingredient contains not one, but two, adjuvants: squalene and vitamin E.

This is the adjuvant that’s included in Pandemrix and Arepanrix, both made by GlaxoSmithKline. So, we can add them to the list of vaccines that utilize vitamin E as an adjuvant:

Are Other Adjuvants in Use?

I believe that there are other hidden adjuvants in vaccines and will be writing about them soon. They include L-histidine and some of the new antigens, which perform dual purpose as antigen and adjuvant—but that fact is never noted.

The vaccine industry has proven to be utterly dishonest. It’s understood by many people that adjuvants in vaccines are potentially very dangerous. To counter that awareness, we can see with vitamin E that that it’s hidden, mislabeled as nothing but an excipient or hidden inside a brand-name adjuvant to give the impression that it has nothing to do with the adjuvant effect. But we know that it does. The science exists documenting that fact—even praising its use as an adjuvant.

We are likely entering a new era of vaccines that are more dangerous than any we’ve yet seen. The disaster of Pandemrix—and probably also Arepanix, which is the same vaccine under a different brand name and which has also been tied to narcolepsy—should be seen as a warning. The point is that the new bioengineered vaccine antigens simply do not work well. Therefore, there’s been a tremendous amount of research trying to find stronger adjuvants, along with the renewed push to use squalene—an abhorrent move because of its long-known capability to produce autoimmune disorders. One of the likely effects is the disorder called antiphospholid syndrome.

The madness to create and use vaccines as the ultimate in producing health has failed utterly. By their very nature, even with adjuvants, vaccines break down the immune system. Any benefit provided against infectious diseases is clearly being overridden by chronic disease, which is at a level our ancestors could never have imagined. It’s even reached the point where the average child is now sick.

Nonetheless, the story sold by Big Pharma to health agencies and anyone else whose pockets are made available to push vaccines, including doctors and government legislators, is that we should be grateful for vaccines. The entirely unjustifiable claim is made that they’ve brought a near-end to many infectious diseases, a point that is readily proven to be untrue.

As bad as it is, though, things are going to get worse. Even if GSK’s double-adjuvanted AS03 is banned, the fact is that Big Pharma and its cohorts in crime aren’t going to stop until people rise up against this insanity.

Jyrki Kuoppala is with the Finnish Rokotusinfo ry, which fights the vaccine myths, with particular focus on Finland.


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