Pakistani Children Die of Malnutrition: Measles Blamed

Even the WHO admits that it was malnutrition from the ravages of floods that killed Pakistani children who’d contracted measles. But it’s a great excuse for a vaccination campaign.

by Heidi Stevenson

It’s now being reported that 306 Pakistani children died of measles last year, a record number. The truth, though, is that these children died of malnutrition following three years of record flooding.

If your child is hungry, are you more interested in food or vaccines?

Most, if not all, of the deaths happened in the flood-ravaged areas. Even the World Health Organization (WHO), a major vaccination promoter, acknowledged that the deaths happened in children suffering from malnutrition. That is, if these children had not been suffering from a lack of food, they wouldn’t have died. So how can the disease be blamed? To blame a disease that leaves healthy people unscathed for these deaths, other than permanent immunity from measles, is either an enormous misunderstanding or intentionally misleading.

It should also be noted that WHO spokesperson Maryam Yunus refers to the cause of death as “suspected measles”. In truth, they aren’t even sure that the children who died suffered from measles—but it certainly sounds good if you’re pushing vaccinations.

Another interesting point is that the reference to this being a record number of deaths is based on absolutely nothing. The previous year, 2011, the reported number of measles deaths in Pakistan was 64. However, the WHO was unable to provide records for measles deaths for any years before then. So how could they possibly know that the 2012 measles deaths were a record? Then again, perhaps it’s not such a record, since other sources state that the annual number of deaths was around 20,000 per year prior to a vaunted vaccination campaign completed in 2008.

That measles vaccination campaign bears a more careful look. Let’s ask a simple question: What is the point of a massive one-time-only vaccination campaign for a single disease? Does a nation as a whole truly benefit from a single campaign like that? Such vaccination campaigns must be ongoing if they’re to work. Otherwise, why do the industrialized nations keep their vaccination campaigns going year after year?

Who benefits from a one-time vaccination campaign? We know that no vaccine provides lifetime protection, so you’d think there’d have been a plan in place to provide ongoing vaccines. Apparently, though, there wasn’t. This was quite literally a one-shot deal. So what was the point?

Could it possibly be that the purpose was as a boon for Big Pharma? The vaccine doses were not donated—and the usual suspects were behind the campaign: GAVI, the Gates Foundation, the WHO, the CDC, and the Red Cross, which is deeply tied to GAVI. GAVI is an organization dedicated to one thing: vaccinations for everyone everywhere. Board members include current and former representatives from the Gates Foundation, Goldman Sachs (responsible for the current disaster in Greece), Chase Manhattan Bank, the US’s NIH, Man Group (one of the biggest hedge funds), the World Bank, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals. Finance-related corporations are interested in one thing only: increasing their income.The other organizations are neck-deep in Big Pharma money. The Gates Foundation is invested in the same corporations that it promotes.

It certainly looks like the one-shot Pakistan measles vaccination campaign existed primarily to funnel money to Big Pharma. What other reason could exist for a one-shot measles vaccination campaign? The stated goal of measles eradication cannot possibly be reached that way, so it doesn’t even fit within the stated goal of the Measles Initiative campaign.

The response to the measles-blamed deaths is, as always unassociated with the true problem: malnutrition or other causes of poor health. Instead, the intent is to force measles vaccinations on everyone in the hardest-hit areas. Rather than putting extra effort and resources into feeding starving children, they plan to jab them with vaccinations, to create excessive immune system responses—the goal of every vaccine—in children with malnutrition-weakened immune systems.

If your child is hungry, are you more interested in food or vaccines? Answer that question and you’ll know the truth. The vaccine profiteers are moving in on the flood-devastated people of Pakistan and presenting it to the world as charity.



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