Aluminum Adjuvant Blasts Genetics to Create Autism

Autism is created by a perfect storm. The vaccine storm sends a lightning strike of aluminum into the wrong genetic ground, blasting autism into existence.

Perfect Story, by Jerry Pierce

A Perfect Storm. Photo by Jerry Pierce, Uncle Jerry in Golden Valley, AZ

by Heidi Stevenson

A new study documents a very strong link between aluminum adjuvants in vaccines and autism. We are seeing more and more research diverted into the idea that autism is a genetic disease. That misguided approach completely ignores the question of how a gene suddenly became so destructive, or how a mutation is transmitted in an epidemic fashion. It makes no sense to suggest that a genetic variation is the cause of autism.

Unholy Alliance of Aluminum and Vaccines

As described in Aluminum in Vaccines Is an Autism Trigger, a new study, Empirical Data Confirm Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure,1 documents that aluminum in vaccines is likely the primary causative factor behind autism. A genetic variation that seriously limits the ability to detox heavy metals, including aluminum and mercury, is also required.

It is not legitimate to refer to this genetic difference as a mutation. It exists in far too many people to qualify as anything other than a natural variation.

In conjunction with vaccinations, a particular set of genetics is devastating. However, it did not often result in harm throughout most of humanity’s time on earth. Otherwise, it would most assuredly have died out long before modern times.

Far more significant is the fact that there is no place for aluminum in the biology of any living being, including humans. It is always toxic and its presence in the body is harmful. Nonetheless, it’s become a standard ingredient in vaccines, used because of its toxicity. It irritates and triggers the immune system, making it overactive so that more antibodies are produced, which is the goal of most vaccinations.

Historically, detoxing aluminum wasn’t a critical issue, since it was rarely found inside the body. Now though, with injected vaccine-based aluminum injected, it’s become critical. Therefore, anyone whose genetic makeup doesn’t readily detoxify—eliminate—aluminum may be at risk.

Aluminum: Autism’s Lightning Strike

Vaccinations appear to provide the trigger that initiates autism. The aluminum adjuvant is shown to be the probable trigger in most instances of autism, though mercury probably was highly significant until it was reduced to a very small amount in most vaccines. The concurrent increase in aluminum adjuvants as mercury was reduced likely masked the effect of the mercury reduction.

One of the symptoms of autism is a defective immune system. Therefore, when an aluminum adjuvant triggers full-fledged autism or has simply damaged a child’s immune system, further vaccinations, even without aluminum, can result in even more damage when acetaminophen, another neurotoxin, is applied to reduce fever or pain, either worsening the autism or pushing the child into a full-blown case of it.

The addition of multiple vaccinations given at the same time—a more and more common practice—results in a multiplied effect of aluminum with mercury (in the case of flu vaccines) and acetaminophen following shortly after the vaccinations.

It’s a perfect storm of genetics and vaccinations. A previously harmless genetic variant results in inability to detox aluminum or mercury, which triggers autism or part of the complex of autism-related symptoms, such as enterocolitis. Further vaccinations with yet more aluminum, mercury, and live attentuated microbes, plus applications of acetaminophen further worsen the child’s health.

Evidence Against Vaccines Mounts

In spite of the massive funding behind vaccines and the personal risks that honest researchers face when they produce work suggesting danger in vaccines, as demonstrated by the destruction of Andrew Wakefield’s career, the evidence against vaccines mounts. In this study, the authors conclude:

While we have not shown that aluminum is directly causative in autism, the compelling evidence available from the literature on the toxicity of aluminum, combined with the evidence we present for severe adverse reactions occurring much more frequently following administration of aluminum-containing vaccines as compared to non-aluminum-containing vaccines, suggests that neuronal damage due to aluminum penetration into the nervous system may be a significant factor in autism. The fact that mentions of autism rose steadily concomitant with significant increases in the aluminum burden invaccines, is highly suggestive.

These researchers have provided more than enough evidence to call a halt to the vaccination programs until the whole picture can be ascertained. Sadly, though, we know that’s not going to happen.

The study puts to rest the deceptive methods that Thorsen’s Denmark study utilized to hide the truth of an association between vaccines and autism (described here). It also puts to rest the subsequent claims of regulating agencies that there is no association between vaccines and autism. The authors, Seneff, Davidson, and Liu, indirectly illustrate that giving an impression of vaccine safety requires playing fast and loose with the facts. Evidence as strong as they provided should be the point of reference, not the sleight of hand produced by Thorsen.

Add all that together with evidence being produced by Tomljenovic et al 2,3,4,5, and a compelling case against the use of aluminum and other toxic substances in vaccines is made—one that no caring parent can afford to ignore.

Greatest Epidemic Ever Seen

We are living in the midst of an epidemic like none ever before seen. The number of children with autism is conservatively estimated at one percent, and some suggest that it’s as high as 1 in 33 children. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

No parent can afford to wander along in blinders. There is no simple cut-off point to determine which children will suffer. In fact, all children suffer, just some worse than others. Some are defined as having autism. Others are on the autism spectrum. Still others suffer from autoimmune disorders—and there is no explanation for them other than vaccinations. Children suffer from vaccine-related asthma, allergies, and diabetes. Some are less permanently harmed. Some are subtly harmed.

But no one can know which child will develop any of these conditions or any of several others—and the fact is that there’s precious little help for either the afflicted children or their parents. With each jab added to the vaccination schedule, the risks increase. If they aren’t now, then when will they become too great to ignore?


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