Lack of Infectious Diseases Causes Alzheimer’s: Vaccines & Hygiene

A new and well-done study clearly documents the relationship between hygiene and Alzheimer’s disease throughout the world. The lower the exposure to microbes, the greater the rate of Alzheimer’s. They name several hygiene issues, but have ignored the most significant according to modern medicine’s own claims: vaccines. Their research clearly shows that vaccines, along with other hygiene issues, are associated with dementia.

Alzheimer's and Vaccines

Alzheimer’s and Vaccines, Photo of elderly lady by Tim & Selena Middleton
(Syringes superimposed)

by Heidi Stevenson

A new study has documented an association between hygiene and Alzheimer’s disease. The usual interpretation is that too much cleanliness has led to the epidemic of Alzheimer’s, but that isn’t the whole story. There is an elephant in the hygiene room called vaccine.

To the non-medical eye, the term hygiene refers to cleanliness. However, in medical jargon, hygiene has a much broader meaning. It refers to practices intended for the preservation of health. These practices include, of course, cleanliness, but in today’s medicine, the term also encompasses vaccines, which are considered a primary tool of health preservation and, therefore, hygiene.

Thus, the study titled Hygiene and the world distribution of Alzheimer’s Disease documents a very strong connection between vaccines and the modern plague of Alzheimer’s disease. They concluded:

Based on our analyses, it appears that hygiene is positively associated with AD [Alzheimer’s disease] risk. Countries with greater degree of sanitation and lower degree of pathogen prevalence have higher age-adjusted AD DALY rates. Countries with greater degree of urbanization and wealth exhibit higher age-adjusted AD DALY [disability-adjusted life-year] rates. …

… Variation in hygiene may partly explain global patterns in AD rates. Microorganism exposure may be inversely related to AD risk.

The Autoimmune Disease Connection

The authors’ introduction starts with:

Exposure to microorganisms is critical for the regulation of the immune system. The immunodysregulation of autoimmunity has been associated with insufficient microorganism exposure. … The inflammation characteristic of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) shares important similarities with autoimmunity.

These authors are stating quite clearly that lack of exposure to microbes is harmful to the immune system, that autoimmune disorders are associated with lack of exposure to microbes, and that Alzheimer’s disease is an autoimmune disorder.

The primary goal of modern governmental health systems is to limit exposure to disease-inducing microbes. Of course, clean water and sewage are primary factors, but vaccination has become the clarion call, and it’s vaccination that modern medicine claims to be its greatest success in preventing communicable diseases.

How Lack of Microbes May Cause Alzheimer’s

The authors point out that low levels of microbial exposure lead to lack of lymphocyte turnover in the developing immune system, which leads to a deranged immune system. If the immune system is not adequately stimulated, regulatory T-cells (TRegs) do not proliferate adequately, resulting in inflammation. Alzheimer’s disease is associated with both system inflammation and deficiency in TRegs.

On this basis, the authors suggest that excessive hygiene is a cause of Alzheimer’s disease. They focused on such hygiene issues as antibiotics, sanitation, clean drinking-water, and paved roads. Note that antibiotics are included in that list, so why not vaccines, especially in light of the fact that vaccines are treated as their crowning glory?

The authors further state:

The period from gestation through childhood is typically thought to be a critical window of time during which the immune system is established, with some authors limiting this critical window to the first two years of life. However, proliferation of TRegs occurs throughout the life course: there are age-related increases in number of TRegs with peaks at adolescence and in the sixth decade. Therefore, it may be not only early-life immune stimulation that affects AD risk (and perhaps risk of other types of immunodysregulation), but also immune stimulation throughout life. Our study is designed based on the hypothesis that microorganism exposure across the lifespan may be related to AD risk.

Could these authors offer a more insidious description of why modern medicine’s vaunted herd immunity, if true, would be a complete disaster? The fact is that Alzheimer’s disease is not the only autoimmune disorder plaguing the modern world.

Autoimmune Disorders and Vaccines

These disorders include some of the worst humans have ever experienced, and all interfere with the ability to lead a full life. They include allergies, asthma, diabetes, autism, chronic gastrointestinal disorders, lupus erythematosus, macrophagic myofasciitis, antiphospholipid syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and a host of others.

Some of these autoimmune disorders, such as macrophagic myofasciitis, didn’t exist a few decades ago. Some of them, such as asthma and allergies, were extremely rare, but now are virtually normal. Some were found only in the aging, but now are found in children, such as type 2 diabetes.

These authors have found the smoking gun, hygiene, yet refrain from naming the single most significant hygiene factor—in spite of the fact that conventional medicine is forever naming vaccines as their greatest success!

Ironically, this claim isn’t based in fact, because it can readily be shown that the infectious disease rates were falling before the vaccines were introduced, and that the rate of reduction was not changed with their introduction. Yet, it’s clear that the rise in autoimmune disorders is well correlated with the introduction of vaccines and their increased rate of usage.

That fact makes the authors’ lack of inclusion of vaccines in their discussion of hygiene even more egregious. It isn’t just hygiene as defined in their article that correlates with Alzheimer’s, but also—and probably even more significantly—vaccines.

These researchers demonstrate quite clearly that the third rail of medicine is vaccines’ adverse effects. Nothing is allowed to interfere with the massive push to vaccinate everyone everywhere for anything that the vaccine profiteers can imagine.


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